Monday, January 16, 2012

Some hobby progress, some gaming pictures...

So, above are some blurry ass photos of my playing a game of Warmachine against one of my buddies who plays Cryx. Right after this picture was taken, he managed to assassinate my caster through judicious use of spells and a trample with his Seether. This was the second game I played on Saturday. The first was against an infantry-heavy Vindictus list. I lost both games. However, I still learned and had fun before I ran off to go out with my new girlfriend ;)

Anyways, the list I used both games was as follows:

Dawnlord Vyros
Max Halberdiers
Max Invictors + UA
2 Arcanists
Ghost Sniper
Mage Hunter Assassin

Mainly, I wanted to try out the one heavy myrmidon that I hadn't used yet as well as the Halberdiers (which I had just finished) and one of the 'casters I hadn't used yet. I figured out a couple of things as I played. The first is that I generally like Vyros. He has 2 excellent spells, Inviolable Resolve (gives a unit +2 ARM and Fearless) which works well with any of the Dawnguard units or the Halberdiers and Mobility (+2 Speed and Pathfinder for his myrmidons). Vyros is also no slouch in combat. He single-handedly took on a Menoth 'jack and won. The Manticores are not my favorite myrmidon. They have a cool thing going with their covering fire and being the cheapest myrmidon currently available. However, they don't have the focus efficiency abilities of the Hydra or the resilience of the Phoenix, and they want loads of focus to be anything other than crap in close combat. I'm totally going to give them a few more tries, but I feel like I need something punchy in my lists...

Anyways, as for my hobby progress, I have quite a bit done now. For my Retribution army, I have most of it assembled and painted. Here's the list ;)

2 Phoenixes
2 Hydras/Manticores
Invictors + UA
Sentinels + UA
Mage Hunter Strike Force + UA
Halberdiers + UA
Stormfall Archers
Battle Mages
Epic Eiryss
Mage Hunter Assassin
2 Arcanists
2 Ghost Snipers

Now, I have my second Mage Hunter Assassin, 2 Soulless and Skeryth Issyen assembled. I have a second Magister and a second unit of Battle Mages and Stormfall Archers awaiting assembly, so I'm getting close to the point where I have to sit back and wait for new releases ;)

As for my Legion of Everblight stuff, that's coming along a bit more slowly. I have 20 points painted: Saeryn, Scythean, Angelius, 2 Shredders, a Forsaken and a Shepherd. I have some more stuff assembled and awaiting priming, but I need some more pieces before I really feel like I can start constructing functional armies that I want to play. I'd like to figure out a good way to push up to 35 with what I have that will be easy to get done, but I haven't gotten anything figured out yet. I've got 2 Carniveans, 2 Seraphs, 2 Teraphs, a Raek, 2 Shredders, 2 Stingers, Typhon, Sorceress on Hellion, 2 units of Striders with UA and 2 Deathstalkers sitting in waiting. I'd like some Swordsmen, Raptors, Legionnaires and maybe some Hex Hunters... Maybe I'm being overly ambitious? I dunno.

Beyond that, hopefully I should be making some additional posts this week. I got kind of behind when shit got crazy last week...


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  2. I really like the look of the Retribution models.
    You've got quite a force built up!
    Thanks for the blurry ass photos!