Saturday, November 17, 2012

Arise, chicken! Chicken arise!

So... Yeah. You may be wondering pretty much what the hell happened to me. Let me go ahead and sate some of that curiosity. Almost immediately after the last time I posted (damn near a year ago), shit hit the fan big time in my life. My grandfather died right before I was due to take the South Carolina Bar. Add that to a number of other crises, and you have a recipe for me not playing, reading about or even looking at miniatures.

However, I'm now kinda back in a much more stable position. I've ended up moving in my girlfriend. I have a temporary job, and I'm looking for something better. So, I decided to go ahead and wade back into the waters that are miniatures gaming and blogging...

Things have kind of changed. With the advent of 6th edition 40k, my interest has been slightly rekindled. One of my buddies called me and put me on alert to all the Heresy Era Marine bits that now exist... And so we have a new project.

I'll be working on the force I always should have built: The Plutonium Bastards. A flexible, neon green Marine Force with questionable ethics and the flexibility to be whatever codex suits my mood. Add in some Guard Allies (now that such things are possible), and we end up with something that I hope will be fun and lasting.

Just as a bit of explanation, The Plutonium Bastards were born when my buddy Rick and I were in college together. During that time, we played quite a bit of Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War and its expansions on our computers. Unfortunately, in the Warhammer 40k world of many dark colors, little men who were also darkly colored tended to become lost and forgotten about the map. Thus, Rick cranked the sliders up as high as he could to give us neon green Marines that we could never lose. Both he and I have talked about making an army based on this concept numerous times, but I have beat him to the punch on it!

Hopefully anyone who still reads this can begin looking forward to my long winded ramblings and blurry ass pictures once again.


  1. Bring it on - and nice to have you back! Even if you aren't hive-minding it =\

  2. Hopefully Frylock doesn't blast you....